Diet tweaks

After yesterday’s heavy meal, I decided that I should be even more drastic and stringent in my weekday diet so as to provide an even better buffer for weekend family meals.

On weekdays, my diet will be as follows:

8am – coffee with Anlene powder
In between if hungry – water
12pm – 1 wholemeal bread
(If I’m in office) 230-3pm – 2-3pcs wholemeal bread or muesli with milk
(If I’m at driving lesson) 4pm – 2-3pcs wholemeal bread

Weekends – no carbo and nothing after 8pm.

Sigh I have a wedding dinner coming up on 26 Oct. I figure I’ll eat to make its worth.. Lol. So ya, need to lose even more now!!!!

Bought some food which I brought to office.

I was eating this Gardenia Wholemeal bread today – very filling and super nice texture! Not dry at all 🙂

I tried this new Carman’s Fruit Free muesli too. It’s fruit-free cos I hate raisins which always appear inside my cereal! It’s not too sweet and I love how it tastes – HEALTHY!

This is how it looks like!

My lunch today after gym 🙂

I bought this Japanese instant seaweed soup too, when savoury cravings attack. Only 13 calories!

Today I paddled extra hard cos I was puffing mad over the weight gain after yesterday’s dinner.. Lol.

Was late due to work and missed body combat class today. But it was a good workout on the cross trainer still!
So today my last meal was at 4pm. Not eating anything anymore (it’s now 8pm). I need to be super disciplined from now on!


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