Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken BBQ at Takashimaya – Food Review

I ate granola at 5pm so that I didn’t have to eat dinner at Taka.

I ended up having to eat the leftovers… *weeps* cos there were so much left!!

My first time at this restaurant and a hostess wearing hanbok greeted us. We managed to get a nice table with a great space for stroller at about 7pm!

I flipped thru the menu. It was largely korean dishes with some Chinese stuff eg broccoli with scallops (which we ordered). It didn’t feel authentically korean haha.

They even serve banchan. I tot the kimchi tasted weird..

Their banchan didnt taste very korean too..

Korean dumpling soup with beef. Soup was not very flavorful and dumplings were just so-so.

Kimchi fried rice – I didn’t try this but it was okay according to hubby.

There, something you will never see in a korean restaurant 🙂 broccoli was too al dente even for me!

Seafood pancake with scallion.. This is so hilarious. Hubby thought he read “seafood pancake with scallop” so he ordered it. End up he didn’t touch it cos it was filled with spring onion!!

We ordered Saba fish which came later (I didn’t take pic cos I was outside with Am.

Prices aren’t exactly cheap. Saba fish, dumpling soup was $16 each. Quite big portion though. Taste-wise – not good leh. But I’m willing to give it another try next time with the more recommended dish eg ginseng chicken soup?

Ya so I ate lots of broccoli, banchan & fish. No carbo but they still add on to the calories … I’m going to do skipping later..


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