Skipping rope

I was feeling rather fat after the prata and so I tried to do some skipping with Al’s skipping rope.

Now I haven skipped since school days, which is more than 15 years ago? Al followed me into the master bedroom curiously as I said I wanted to skip. I started skipping, feeling like a heavy mother cow.

Al helped me count, thankfully, as I kinda got caught up with the skipping and lost count lol. Eh I haven skipped for so many years ok. This is totally new to me man. I told Al, I wanna skip 100 times.

Skip, trip, skip, trip.. With much cumbersome-ness.. I managed to skip 100 times after maybe 3 minutes. And I was panting like a marathon runner who just completed 24km.

Feeling rather accomplished, I went to rest and google “skipping rope 100 times calories”. I think I have burnt at least 100 calories?

And so I got to this page.

So…. 15 minutes of skipping burns 100 calories.

And just now I skipped only for about 3 minutes.


Okay… I need lots of practice… It’s a good exercise to do on weekends! Convenient πŸ™‚


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