Final Theory Test – afterthoughts

I was not surprised I passed my final theory test today, after about 6 hours of theory lessons going through 10 practice e-trials again and again until I remember nearly all the answers by heart.

But what came as a bonus was that I got full marks – 50/50! Ha, nice leh.

I was told that the actual test questions will come from the 10 practice papers that I do during the lessons. But it’s not true leh – about 2-3 questions were new and I have never seen them before in the practice papers. So I was surprised that I got them correct heehee. I did all 50 questions and even managed to check through all of them within 10minutes.

And off I went to print out my results!

I’m glad this is over and done with. I can finally bury this experience once for all.

And I’m looking forward to starting practical lessons 🙂 I think it’s gonna be fun? My mentality is – Not my car anyway, just do it!


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