Asia Square Food Garden – Manna Korea

Just came back from lunch and i finally had the chance to try Manna Korea! Ordered tofu stew ($8.50) and it came looking quite alright..


I had less than half the rice and slurped up the whole pot of stew, tofu and all. The stew was diluted in comparison to Bibigo’s, and not as spicy. But I loved the minced pork inside (Bibigo served pork belly slices) which went really well with the soup.

Quite okay bah, but i will choose Bibigo’s $14 tofu stew anyday πŸ˜›

My buddy bought Imperial Treasure’s Spicy Dumpling Noodles which looked damn good!


$6.90 for this – quite ok hor? But the noodles screamed “CARBO” so loudly, i didnt dare order it. LOL.

Foodcourt was so crowded man, but seating was comfortable and spacious, quite a nice place to lunch at πŸ™‚


and…back to gym tomorrow πŸ™‚


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