My first run

Looking ready to run!

I think I did quite well for a first timer in running. I did not run the whole 2km.. I half ran half walked. I’m actually proud of myself cos I think I ran half the journey!!

I started running at 10pm from my place. Cut through bishan park and then to ang mo kio central. Reached my destination at 1020pm. Yay!

Actually I met up with belle to pass her something. We chatted for about an hour (lol) and then decided I better go back haha. It’s too late (dangerous) to jog.. So I’m on the bus home.

Was thinking if I should jog at this time on a regular basis. Even though bishan park is well lit, it’s really quite quiet at this time of the day.. Was quite empty when I cut thru it just now, save for a couple of cyclists and runners. But it’s the only time i am free to jog after I make Am sleep. Haiz.

Oh well.. Let’s see how things work out. Maybe I can start jogging on weekends first!


Sometimes tuition may not be the answer

After I saw Al’s Chinese mini-test results yesterday evening, I was convinced that it wasn’t just the Chinese tuition that helped her achieve such good grades. I am sure the weekly tuition did help in cultivating interest in Chinese coz the tuition is conducted in a group and u know, when kids come together, they have fun. I also note that she is now much more confident speaking in Mandarin after she started attending Hua Cheng’s Chinese tuition.

But the main thing that gave her that extra oomph in her grade was the time I spent with her going through her textbook and assessment book.

Read this: TIME SPENT.

I spent about 1 week (everyday) before the test giving her chinese assessment to do every morning, and then going thru her textbook with her in the evening. I sat down with her in the bedroom, relaxed and all, and asked her to read the textbook passages out loud, page by page. She enjoys reciting, so it helped a lot coz i didnt have to push. and she also enjoys it whenever hubby or I sit down with her to do things together. so as Dr Petunia Lee puts it, associate things she like with work, and she will slowly learn to enjoy the work!

Reading passages out loud may not help a lot in tests, but it still helps in getting familiar with the words and building confidence in Chinese.

Her picture description and conversation during Oral (both English and Chinese) isn’t very good though, so I will start to spend consistent time with her going through model picture descriptions and making it as interesting and fun as possible, BEFORE I think about sending her for oral enrichment classes. I have a feeling that she will do well after I spend quality time with her! 🙂

By the way, I have started reading Internal Drive Theory by Dr Petunia Lee and I am at Chapter 3, Structured Choices. It’s like reading psychology, which is really interesting haha. I actually have been giving Al structured choices all along, but I think I need to refine the kind of choices so that it will be beneficial to her.

Parenting primary school kids – It’s not difficult really, we just have to love and invest. 🙂

To Your Child YOU are the world!

Whatever’s in my Camera Roll

Ahh doesn’t this picture bring back amazing memories…

When was it again? Sometime in the middle of this year when the weather is hot and no rain seemed to be coming to our rescue? All of us donned N95 masks and it was such a nightmare.

I guess this will be a recurring nightmare if our lovely Neighbour continues to allow sick people from burning the forests.

And a gentle reminder to all my friends with children – if u have not gotten a good air purifier yet, please get one soon so that u will be prepared when the day comes!

This big one is sitting in my living room now, good for bigger spaces. I have 2 small ones in the rooms. Especially when there’s children at home – their health and well-being is our responsibility.

Of cos, let’s all pray that the haze shall never visit Singapore again 🙂 good clear weather everyday please!

The much dreaded weight loss plateau

Seemed to have hit a wall or something – can’t lose any weight for the past few days! Well.. I’ve been eating a bit these few evenings.. Soup and some fish last night, no carbo at all at night – but shouldn’t have so much effect leh.. Zzz.

But I do see my chest area become a bit more bony though. So can I take it that my muscle mass is increasing hence the plateau?? Lol.

Taken just now on the way to the gym. I’ve gone gym on monday for body combat, yesterday I was on the cross trainer..

Did 40minutes!

Today i was on the treadmill doing an incline brisk walk. 12.5% incline, 5km/hr!

Seems like brisk walking on an incline burns more calories than cross trainer?

I had my wholemeal bread this late morning with a cup of green tea. After gym I took Raw Meal meal replacement with rice milk.

I’ve only consumed 274 calories today nett, after deducting the brisk walk I did just now. How can don’t slim down leh!!

Oh well, I will continue my diet and usual exercise regime regardless of my weight. Shall persist.

I think God just came to my rescue

Without me having to even say a prayer..

As Al is on MC yesterday and today, she had to miss her English mini-test today. Her English teacher called me to tell me that it’s ok since she has a MC to cover her absence. She also took the chance to let me know that Al’s oral needs some improvement as she tends to get nervous and clam up during Picture Description time. The weird thing is, she can converse very well and is quite chatty in class, but once it comes to Oral Picture Description, she just freezes in front of the teacher.

I feel very bad as during the recent English oral test, I did not sit down with her and practise with her. Hence she probably got even more nervous, being unprepared and all. 😦 I believe that with practice, she will definitely do better.

The other thing is, Al is growing up into a young lady with her own mind, it is getting increasingly difficult to give her instructions and expect her to submit willingly. Like many children, she doesn’t like to do work and she loves to spend her time drawing ponies and princesses, play iPad or read her storybooks. So when I give her extra homework, she will dilly dally, take her own sweet time to complete her work. Hubby and I are trying hard not to make her hate doing homework and we are really having a hard time balancing!

So I was googling on ‘oral class singapore’ and came across this God-given website

I read a few posts and came across this..

OMT – this is exactly what I need!

Petunia Lee has published a book too.


After reading her blog posts, I decided to get the book coz I believe it will really help me and hubby. I was going to buy online thru her blog when hubby (who was at Kinokuniya) said the book is available there. And he bought it!

I need to start spending time with her, fill up her ‘love tank’ and do things together with her even more, especially during the holidays.

And guess whats my ending statement for this post?




What does your baby eat?



Doesn’t it look tasty? I am sure Am will love it. Om Nom Nom Nom.

Currently Am’s diet consists of:

– Formula milk at 8am, 2pm, 730pm, 12am

– Porridge (cooked for 3 hours) with varying ingredients, sometimes dark leafy greens, sometimes fish, sometimes pork ‘muscle’, sometimes pumpkin. She has porridge at 11am and 530pm.

– half an apple a day

– occasional weekend snacks which I bought e.g. organic puree (sweet veg, apple etc). I also have those rice rusks which I rarely give her. Perhaps I should, if not they will expire!

– gripe water twice a day

– lots of plain water everyday!

Many websites say that babies do not need to drink water during their first year of age, but i beg to differ.. Singapore so hot and humid, babies sure perspire and lose water. Hence keeping them hydrated is very important, if not their urine will be very yellow and their skin will look wrinkled. Enough water also means their bowels will be smoother too!

Taking care of babies is really quite a big responsibility – we the parents are 100% liable for their well-being!


Whatever’s in my Camera Roll

I will be choosing random pictures from my camera roll to talk about them. Think it’s fun!

Ah ha, saw this pic..

This was a picture taken during this year’s Chinese New Year at my place. What a feast it was *drools*

But of course the soup base isn’t as fantastic as the ones at the restaurants.. Maybe I should buy a yuan yang steamboat pot and have my favourite spicy soup base! Kimchi perhaps? Or Tom yam? Or 麻辣! I’ve fallen in love with 麻辣 dishes lately 🙂

And of course, u simply have to buy the shabu shabu meat for steamboat – yum yum to the max. And the last thing that make or break the steamboat – chilli sauce condiment. 🙂

Now that I’m on a weight loss plan, I haven been eating the usual stuff people eat and suddenly I feel so strange talking about food.. Zzz. But then again, I do feel much healthier feeding my body with cleaner and non-processed food! Much better than foods cooked with oil 🙂

Steamboat at home is quite clean as well, as the soup base is really simply made, unlike the outside ones that are full of salt and msg. I’m definitely gonna have steamboat again next CNY!