Yoo Ah In

Managed to finish Running Man’s latest episode with Yoo Ah In over the weekend. He acts as the king in Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love and also acted alongside with Micky Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Doesnt have a very deep impression of him actually until I watched Running Man and went “Hey he’s the king in Jang Ok-Jung”..

For the record, I only watched the first 30 minutes of Jang Ok-Jung.. hahaha. So now you know the super vague impression I have of Yoo Ah In.

In this Running Man, he’s very cute la, in summary. Cheeky, can cook well too.


Credits to owner (name on top of the pic) who posted these pics on Instagram! This part is funny, especially when fitness freak Kim Jong Kook found out that they fed him deep fried jelly worms!! The other funny part is when everyone else started sampling the deep fried jelly worms – poor hungry people lol.

But this Yoo Ah In damn smart lor – can guess it correctly!


His first time on RM – he was absolutely so stressed out during the first round where they spring-throw people into the pool. But he adapted rather quickly and played along so funnily with the rest.


Oh ya, there was one other funny scene during the deep fried jelly worms part. Yoo Ah In was trying to guess what the heck he was eating and he was taking an awfully long time to guess. But as the gamesmaster was counting down for him to guess, he went pleading with the gamesmaster, giving a very pitiful look and the whole room started laughing coz he looked so desperate haha.

So I was like, going through these pics with #yooahin hashtags on instagram and i suddenly saw this pic..


Isn’t this the cheeky assistant in the drama He Who Can’t Marry starring Ji Jin Hee??

This guy is Yoo Ah In?!!!!!

I went to double check.

confirm. He is Yoo Ah In.

Wah lau eh. How can he look so different in this drama.. LOL.

But i am glad he is looking much better now wahaha.


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