Final Theory Test – thoughts

It’s next Friday..

Just yesterday I was at the driving centre going through question after question. I actually wasn’t feeling very well cos I was in the cold, out in the hot, in and out repeatedly. Tired too, after all the lack of sleep the past week. So I didn’t do too well during yesterday’s practice.

Sigh, will I do well during the actual test this coming Friday?? I really really really really don’t wanna retake again!!!!!!

Now that i have no choice but to go through the stage of learning driving (I’ve paid for the practical lessons, nearly $1k I think & hence there’s no turning back), there’s this annoying sense of being forced into doing something I don’t really like. Which is rather hateful.

But of course the end result of being able to drive (and the wishful little hope that I can be a really good smooth driver like those in illegal car racing!) is quite nice la.. Lol…

Haha dream on…


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