Midweek cheer!

Midweek is here and today a new staff is joining our department. And so… I’m not going gym today cos we are going out lunch with her! And guess where?

Yes you are right – Bibigo. Wahaha. Sorry I sound really high cos I didn’t sleep last night and I’m kinda delirious now.

Wonder what I’ll have.. Maybe no rice dishes.. Will check out the menu later. And of course, u will see food pics on this blog very soon heehee.

Guess what, I have been weighing myself every morning ever since I started having just soup for dinner, and my weight is slowly but surely going downwards. Today’s weight – 62.9kg!! It was 64 five days ago 🙂 I really should chart a graph man, so I can remember.. Anyone wanna get graph paper for me??

Jiayou jiayou to myself and all who are losing weight too!

And lastly I leave u a photo disaster which I took hurriedly this morning. Hubby and I both look like shit but it’s so hilarious!! I tried to pull hubby in for a quick pic in the lift and he made a face, while I blinked. Haha!



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