Ichiban Boshi at Marina Bay Link Mall

We went there instead for lunch. Everywhere was mad crowded cos it was raining and everyone decided to hide in the basement mall. Bleh.

We waited like, 30min before we got our table. Thankfully the food came quite fast!

This was mine. It’s a lot of noodles >_< but this was one of the items that's not deep-fried, not oily, not greasy! Err the tempura was not a big portion la.. It was good! But after that the MSG got to me and I felt eeeeew. Until now it's still drying my mouth up so much. Oh well.

This was buddy’s seafood paper pot. It was good according to her but same thing, the MSG content was high. =_=

It was okay, but just very thirsty now…

And then I had this mini kaya Swiss roll for teatime snack..

I haven had cakes for a long long time.. So I found it so sweet! I bought a durian and coffee one back home for the family. I shall not touch it!

Sigh tml I should be going to gym to work off whatever I’ve eaten today, but my body is still aching badly from the BOSU class yesterday. I can hardly move now. Then Fri I can’t go gym coz in got driving theory lesson in the afternoon.. Ahh how!!!


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