Sunshine Multigrain Bread tastes Great!

I managed to get my new breakfast ingredients on Saturday at NTUC!

And here’s what I brought to office today:

Using Sunshine’s Multigrain Bread, picnic ham, cheese slice and garlic herb spread, this is really tasty. The garlic herb spread needs to be spread THINLY so it won’t become too greasy.

Bananas as a pre-gym snack at 12 plus. My mum managed to buy these really tiny bananas from Ang Mo Kio Block 628 wet market!

Made this Vitamin C drink once I came into office today. Everyone at home is taking turns to fall sick. I’m determined not to become one of them!

After gym later, I will make myself a protein shake and that will last me until 730 pm. If I get hungry in between, I’ll just drink water.

Gotta say to myself- Hunger is just a feeling. Choose to ignore it.


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