Exercise is getting amazing!!

My earliest recollection of exercising (excluding school days) was when I was working part time at Amore during poly days. I got to attend free classes when working there and it was cool. Amore is an ladies-only club and I guess because of that, the exercises were milder than the co-ed ones in Fitness First. Well, either they are milder, or my stamina has gotten so damn jialat now..

I went to body combat class today after a week’s hiatus and I noticed something very different. I’ve been to about 3-4 body combat classes and I ended up very tired after that. It’s like a downward slope.

Today, after about 35-40 minutes of the class, I suddenly felt a lot of energy while doing the jumps (dunno what’s the exact name, doesn’t matter) and I felt I could go on forever! Is that what you call ‘catching the wind’?? Or is it the second wind?

Interesting isn’t it?? It’s like a wave of energy burst through me, out of nowhere. I went on until 45 minutes then I had to leave the class to shower. Cool….

Exercise is getting interesting :))


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