Great Ocean Road Melbourne

Hubby and I went to Melbourne for a short trip a few months ago, to chill out a bit, just the two of us. First day we went on a day tour to see the cute penguins on Philip island. Second day was a day tour to Great Ocean Road. 3rd and 4th days were massive endless shopping!! In this post, I’ll be posting only on the scenery and weather.
These first few pics were taken on our way to Philip Island. It was really cool weather, dry and breezy.

The weather can be gloomy at one time and suddenly damn sunny after a short while. Super unpredictable haha. Don’t u love the deep blue?

One of my favourite pics! Great photography by hubby there :p

2nd day morning. I took this picture while walking to our day tour coach cos the clouds were so low that they covered the buildings! It was very cold, abt 10 degrees. The strong wind made it feel like 0 degrees! I heard from my Korea trip tour guide that during winter time, when there’s strong wind, you can effectively deduct 10 degrees off the actual temperature.

And we saw a pretty rainbow on our way to Great Ocean Road.

Our day tour driver cum tour guide was a really nice guy who let us off at many nice spots so we could take photos of the sea. provided we the tourists behave and don’t come back late 🙂

The huge expanse of sea, sky and clouds. It was a bit of a rainy day, hence the grey clouds.

The drive to the Apostles was a really long one. When it was nearing lunch and I was hungry, I got hit with some motion sickness due to the empty tummy. But it was definitely not as bad as traveling up Genting where the drive was windy and rough! And our Aussie driver drive really smoothly.

One of the pit stops at an elevated area with this breathtaking view!

We reached The Apostles in the early evening. It was raining, and we were cccccold.. Lol.

I tell you, the pictures really don’t do them justice. You should really be there to take in the magnificent thunderous sounds of the waves, feel the rain pattering on your face and get the chills from the merciless winds!

I really wish I could jus stay there for another hour, to just stare at them.

We were very happy with our day tours. If there is ever a next time, we will use them again and go free and easy in Melbourne 🙂


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