Prata Raya at Thomson Plaza – Food Review

Hubby and I usually have the chance of having breakfast together on Saturdays while we wait for jie jie to finish her morning tuition. If we are sick of the food at Thomson Plaza, we will drive to somewhere else to eat but usually we just settle breakfast there cos we have to buy groceries and whatnots at NTUC later on.

So what’s available at Thomson Plaza in the mornings?
– Prata Raya
– Swensons
– food court
– Wang cafe
– Starbucks
– Hans
– Subway

Quite a variety eh? And on weekends, it’s quite crowded cos all the parents like us waiting for kids to finish tuition will have breakfast there too lol.

And so today, hubby and I decided to have prata. In fact we choose prata quite often cos Wang cafe is always full.

Their prata is actually quite overpriced I feel. What to do, they are the prata monopoly at Thomson Plaza. So I usually order 2 plain prata for $2, which is the most reasonable. Today hubby ordered 2 plain 1 egg.

But I find their service pretty good. It’s always the same staff, 1 PRC order taker, 1 Malay tall chap waiter cum cook, 1 Indian uncle flipping pratas and 1 Chinese auntie clearing plates. All quite nice people. And they have never got our orders wrong before. 🙂

Oh I weighed myself this morning – 1 kg gone from the lack of dinner last night. I’m going to keep up with skipping dinners!!


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