Din Tai Fung (Marina Bay Link Mall)

Some of you may have known that I’ve recently fallen in love with DTF and their food. Yes recently. Previously I thought they were just okay, nothing worth raving about.. But I guess tastes will change as age catches on…

Ya so I had lunch today with my buddy at work. We don’t lunch together everyday cos I usually go gym. So we try to lunch together once in a while. And we both enjoy DTF!

We ordered 2 bowls of this.. So we had 1 whole bowl to ourselves. Shiok leh. Yum yum! And on top of the already existing chilli oil and vinegar, we piled on their chilli sauce on top of the dumpling before shoving it into our mouth. Bliss.

We ordered 10x of this crab xiao long bao too. Looks better on the pic when there are more in the basket don’t you think!! Hee.

It was crowded today. We had to wait about 20min before getting a table. But service was quite prompt as usual. Besides the above, we also ordered the spicy cucumber, the tang hoon chap chye (what’s the exact name..) and a basket of shrimp pork dumplings. Just nice 🙂

More pics coming up tomorrow, cause I’m going Paradise Pavilion for my department lunch! Sigh, this week never go gym leh… Don’t dare to weigh myself Liao..


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