OneMap – my Singapore directions companion

And so I’m meeting Belle at 3 Temple Street tonight for some shioka-du-du Korean Dak Galbi tonight. As someone who’s pretty good at planning, I gotta find the easiest way to get there from my office so I don’t waste time wondering at the last minute.

I thought of taking MRT first.


If I take MRT, I board at Marina Bay MRT, ride the Red Line to Dhoby Ghaut, alight. Then I gotta take a short walk to the Purple Line (North-East Line) and take another train to Chinatown.

I don’t like changing trains especially when I have to walk and jostle with throngs of CBD workers who knock off same time as me.

So, I check if I can walk, using OneMap! Firstly, you go to!

Type in your location and choose your desired answer from the drop down list!


Tada! The map immediately zooms into the exact location!


Now, you click on “Get Directions” (Top, circled in red).. then you will see this.. (You can click on “Get Directions” at the very first instance when you get into OneMap page actually, but I prefer to see where I am first haha)


Enter your start location and your destination – easy peasy! The map will start to move a bit as you type and click on your desired location.


Sadly the map doesn’t have a ‘Walk’ option, so I chose ‘Drive’. Click GO!

Tada, here’s the shortest route to drive!


Zoom in a bit and you see get a clearer picture.


So if I drive, I will have to go further up and make a big round back to Temple street coz it’s a one way street. But if I walk, I just have to turn left at South Bridge Road (yellow highlighted) and I will reach my destination :))

it’s not too far to walk actually. I shall walk tonight 🙂 burn some calories before I pile them back on during dinner :S

OneMap has another function which I love too, which is measuring distances. Isn’t it cool? Play around with it!


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