Am I an animal in the zoo?

I forgot to bring my sports bra to office today, hence couldn’t go gym. My calf muscles are still aching anyway, so it was a good chance to just stay in office, have my protein shake, rest and look silly laughing while watching my favourite Running Man.

Towards at the of my lunch break at about 150pm, I heard some chattering behind me. then the chattering came towards my workstation and I saw a new colleague talking to two other ladies (dunno where they are from and why they are in my office! are we allowed to bring anyone up in the first place??) and showing them around the office. I know her from my ex-workplace but not very close to her.

She brought the 2 ladies over to my side and chattered excitedly “here’s the file opening”. Then 1 blur lady asked some bimbo question and she said “open files one lah! There, Wendy Wendy!”. The two ladies turned to look at me like I’m a newborn panda in the zoo enclosure.

It lasted for about 2 seconds, then they proceeded to view the rest of the ‘zoo’.

The first feeling that came to me was – disgust. If she’s the boss, ok la, LPPL. But she isn’t, yet she behaves like the boss. =_=

Next, a question came to my head .. “Am I sometimes like her too?”

And that made me cringe. I NEVER wanna be like her!!

But sometimes, when we get so enthusiastic about something, we fail to look at our behavior/ actions. Like how some sales people try to hardsell their products so much and they fail to realise how annoying they can be.

Or maybe a more appropriate example will be, some religious people are so enthusiastic about sharing their faith, that they keep pushing and hardselling until people flee from them and as a result, flee from the religion / faith as well.

But still, at the end, i still felt like a showcase animal just now. :S

animal in zoo

(image from


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