Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement

raw meal rice milk

Some of you may know that I am drinking this Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement Protein Shake which I bought from www.iherb.com. I’ve read many reviews and some people say that they are having problems mixing the powder with the liquids. Mix with water – it becomes gooey and yucky.

And yes, I have the same problem as well and I’ve found the best liquid to mix the powder with – Rice Milk from Pacific brand! I got the rice milk from NTUC Fairprice Finest. The shake (after I mixed it) stays quite watery and it’s really nice to drink. I’ve tried almond milk, low fat milk and water. Water is the WORST, next is almond milk and then low fat milk.

This shake is really good – keeps me full but there’s just one downside.. I start to crave for savoury foods. =_= Yes yes that’s my own problem which I have to try to overcome lor. But but, the tapioca chips.. chilli potato chips.. chilli belinjo chips under my table, the muruku on my table are all calling out to me!!


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