3rd week of exercise


Me in the lift – the usual pic i always take if I’m alone in the lift xD

Ya I’m a bimbo.. But I like 😉

I managed to work out on the cross trainer for 30 minutes today at the gym.. It’s always a torture to work out alone as compared to being in a class, cos there’s a lot of motivation factors in a class!

– you are working out with a group of people so u have no choice but to follow. If not u will feel paiseh.

– instructor usually is quite motivating de.

– you see people work out, u will think “if they can do it, why can’t I!”

– music is sibei (hokkien: means very very) loud and thumps right into your bloodstream.

Whereas when you are alone on the cross trainer machine… No one is there to motivate me. And all I can think of is how out of breath i am and when is 30 minutes gonna end.

And time will always seem to pass twice as slow on the bloody cross trainer.

But I dare say that i am improving k. I used to work out only 10 minutes on the cross trainer and think I’m a champion Liao. Now it’s 30 minutes! I can’t work out more than that leh – cos my lunch time is only 1 hour.

I shall jiayou! Those out there who are trying to lose weight, lets do this together k!!


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