Yoo Ah In

Managed to finish Running Man’s latest episode with Yoo Ah In over the weekend. He acts as the king in Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love and also acted alongside with Micky Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Doesnt have a very deep impression of him actually until I watched Running Man and went “Hey he’s the king in Jang Ok-Jung”..

For the record, I only watched the first 30 minutes of Jang Ok-Jung.. hahaha. So now you know the super vague impression I have of Yoo Ah In.

In this Running Man, he’s very cute la, in summary. Cheeky, can cook well too.


Credits to owner (name on top of the pic) who posted these pics on Instagram! This part is funny, especially when fitness freak Kim Jong Kook found out that they fed him deep fried jelly worms!! The other funny part is when everyone else started sampling the deep fried jelly worms – poor hungry people lol.

But this Yoo Ah In damn smart lor – can guess it correctly!


His first time on RM – he was absolutely so stressed out during the first round where they spring-throw people into the pool. But he adapted rather quickly and played along so funnily with the rest.


Oh ya, there was one other funny scene during the deep fried jelly worms part. Yoo Ah In was trying to guess what the heck he was eating and he was taking an awfully long time to guess. But as the gamesmaster was counting down for him to guess, he went pleading with the gamesmaster, giving a very pitiful look and the whole room started laughing coz he looked so desperate haha.

So I was like, going through these pics with #yooahin hashtags on instagram and i suddenly saw this pic..


Isn’t this the cheeky assistant in the drama He Who Can’t Marry starring Ji Jin Hee??

This guy is Yoo Ah In?!!!!!

I went to double check.

confirm. He is Yoo Ah In.

Wah lau eh. How can he look so different in this drama.. LOL.

But i am glad he is looking much better now wahaha.


Xin Wang Cafe at United Square – Food Review

Ha we have found a place near us that’s not too crowded on weekends – United Square!

But the shopping mall here consists mainly of kids stuff, baby stuff etc. oh well, can’t have the best of both worlds eh.

My weight yesterday was 63. This morning – 62.7. Tomorrow morning is gonna be quite a sad reading cos I ate quite a bit today 😦 and I had dinner with the family as well, at Xin Wang..

Al’s pasta. Xin Wang’s food is considered just bare decent in my opinion – I won’t patronize them unless someone suggests it (hubby in this case).

Hubby’s pork chop which he said was decent..

I refused to touch this – prawn paste chicken.

Didn’t eat this either. Dunno why hubby ordered so many snacks.. He ordered the dim sum pork ribs too.. Which I ate.

Soup for Al. I didn’t taste the soup but it looked bland haha.

My mum’s fish porridge which she said was good. It looked good too!

My Sichuan noodles soup. I seriously didn’t expect it to be so HUGE =_=

I left half the noodles untouched. Imagine I had the whole thing!! 后果不堪设想….

It was a good time with family though. Am managed to sleep while we had dinner heehee! And we bought these at Cotton On Kids..

Pretty socks for Am

And also for Am – a cute mint green cardigan! :))

Happy Sunday 🙂

Final Theory Test – thoughts

It’s next Friday..

Just yesterday I was at the driving centre going through question after question. I actually wasn’t feeling very well cos I was in the cold, out in the hot, in and out repeatedly. Tired too, after all the lack of sleep the past week. So I didn’t do too well during yesterday’s practice.

Sigh, will I do well during the actual test this coming Friday?? I really really really really don’t wanna retake again!!!!!!

Now that i have no choice but to go through the stage of learning driving (I’ve paid for the practical lessons, nearly $1k I think & hence there’s no turning back), there’s this annoying sense of being forced into doing something I don’t really like. Which is rather hateful.

But of course the end result of being able to drive (and the wishful little hope that I can be a really good smooth driver like those in illegal car racing!) is quite nice la.. Lol…

Haha dream on…

Eelee’s big day!

This is the first Christian church wedding I’ve attended. I’ve attended a Catholic wedding and it’s so different – in terms of the program. But that aside, my friend Eelee looks really gorgeous today :))

She is already pretty without make up – today she is majiam Ms Singapore woot woot! Sorry for the blur pic, everything happened so fast haha.

View of the dress from the back, filter done by Al. Got feel hor?

Love the train xoxo

The lunch reception was good too – very tasty dishes. And now we are on our way back by bus. Feeling wooZy…

I bought this top from Melbourne at the Sadie factory outlet. Great for today’s weather though I’m not very used to wearing sleeveless tops – blame my flabby arms. More exercise should fix the prob! 🙂

Thomson Plaza Kopitiam

My breakfast this morning at Kopitiam – prawn bee hoon soup with heavy sprinkles of chilli powder 😉 compared to hubby’s economic bee hoon with curry sauce, sausage and luncheon meat, mine’s very healthy!

Realized that quite a number of stalls are open for breakfast already at Kopitiam, so we shall frequent there more often and not try to look for seats at Wang Cafe or Prata Raya. 🙂

Have a happy Saturday everyone! Another post will be up later this afternoon on my childhood friend’s wedding I’ll be attending today 😉

Ahh lemme report my weight..
Measurement yesterday – 63.0kg
Today – no change despite the DTF dinner! Yay!!

Birthday Dinner at Din Tai Fung Bishan – Food Review

It was mad crowded as usual with long queues everywhere at Junction 8, especially DTF. I have actually called in a few weeks ago to sort of let them know that I would be having a birthday dinner here. they do not allow reservations actually but they have said that they would take note and try to let me have a table ASAP.

So I was there with mil at 630 (it was already crowded outside with many people waiting) and I managed to get in at about 650pm without joining the queue system. Well I still had to wait 20min but thankful that DTF has tried their best even though they strictly don’t take in reservations.

So.. Here are the food pics!

These are the complimentary seasonal Chuan style dumplings. Spicy like the usual ones with chilli oil, quite good but I still prefer the usual ones 🙂

Tada, the usual dumplings in chilli oil which I LOVE!!

Joanne’s recommendation- prawn pancake. Really quite good – juicy, soft and addictive!

Ordered this for Al who has to eat every meal with soup..

Haha I cannot live without this la. We had the xiao Cai too, but I didn’t manage to snap a pic of that.

This is duck in crispy skin. Al likes it too.

One of the staples. Don’t the prawns look lovely?

The other staple – fried rice with pork chop. Half-eaten already heehee.

Of cos we ordered the xiao long bao x 10 and also the shrimp dumplings x 6. But I was entertaining Am so didn’t manage to snap pics. Overall the dinner was just nice for 4 adults and 1 child.

And we sang a birthday song softly amidst the diners in DTF (couldn’t get any louder cos it was just me and hubby singing.. Both grandmas didnt sing lol) and cut birthday cake for Al in the end.

Disney princess Swensons cake with 3 flavour – choc vanilla and strawberry – the kind of cake u get when u can’t make up your mind lol.

This is how it looks like inside. No I didn’t eat the cake.

It was a simple celebration with Al’s favourite people and favourite food. Yay!

Short Friday for me! :)

Measurement yesterday: 63.5kg.
Measurement today : 63.0kg.

Today is going to be challenging. We are celebrating Al’s birthday tonight at Din Tai Fung and hence I’ll be eating a rather huge dinner. So I am wondering if I should skip lunch so as not to add to the calories??

If I skip, I may over-eat during dinner.. But knowing me, whether I feel hungry (if I have a lunch) or over-hungry (if I skip lunch), I will eat the same amount during dinner.. So I think I will skip lunch, so I don’t add to the daily amount of calories. I hope tomorrow’s measurement will be kind to me.. :S

I will be spending 2 hours at the driving centre today from 2-4pm, doing trial online tests for Final Theory. And next Friday is the actual test – I need all of your prayers badly!!

Can’t wait to start practical lessons >:)