Teaching Tween to Revise Herself!

I just went to Bras Basah Popular and got like $80 worth of assessment books for my P5 girl. It’s about 5 weeks before her actual exam so I have told her that she will need to self-practise everyday from today onwards. I took some time last evening to explain to her what self-practice is.

1. Attempt the assessment book as per normal.
2. After completing the particular exercise, check.
3. Use a green or red pen and mark own work.
4. Do corrections – understand why she is wrong + remember the correct answer.

I also cautioned her against the temptation of just copying the answers from the answer sheet. The diligent effort she puts in now will definitely be shown in her results, likewise if she starts copying, the results will also show the lack of effort put in. I further advised, she will be stuck at home doing revision everyday during the holidays if results are not satisfactory.Hence it will be wisest to jus work hard now and play later.

I guess having the lack of time to coach our kids is very real for all working mums. Every weekday after I get home at 7pm, I gobble down my dinner by 730pm and I only have 45 minutes with the kids before they drink milk, wash up and go to bed at about 830pm. Having a 4-year-old in the house makes things no better too – she goes “Mummy Mummy” on repeat mode every single minute, asking me endless questions and providing me with many opinions about everything. Hence, weekends are quite impossible to coach the tween too – with hubby working long hours on weekends. Hence, I decided to let her do self-practice every day for 2-3 hours when the toddler is napping.To me, regular revision bit by bit every day is better than last minute cramming 2-3 days before exam.

I will still take leave during exam period to provide some support and encouragement – and also test her on her Science definitions, Oral and Listening Comprehension which she cannot do on her own. I thank God for her everyday – she is considered a mild-natured and obedient kid in my opinion, just quite distracted and lazy at times – which is common in kids generally haha. Actually I feel quite bad for not spending more time with her due to having to allocate more time (often by ‘force’) to the 4-yo, but *shrugs* that’s life isn’t it. So let’s just make the best out of what we have.

So the ‘self-practice’ will start now and let’s see if it works!


#lose10kg has to start :)

Just for the record, I am sensitive to gluten and lactose. But for sake of convenience and because gluten and lactose don’t exactly hurt me very much, I will start to have this diet starting from tomorrow.

First thing in the morning 7am – Apple Cider Vinegar drink

Breakfast 9am – Soy Instant Cereal (not gluten-free, available at NTUC) and black coffee – 150cal

Post-breakfast itchy mouth – chewable multivitamin (my toddler didnt like it so I jus take over)

Lunch 12pm – Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free Scottish Oats (iHerb) with crunchy peanut butter and sea salt. – 400-500cal

Post-lunch before zee monster visits at 130pm – another black coffee.

Teabreak 3pm – Naturade Chocolate Soy Protein Shake (iHerb) – 150cal

Dinner 730pm – 2 sunny eggs with olive oil, garlic bits, turmeric powder, sea salt and pepper, with homecooked soup and porkribs. – 300cal

Post-Dinner Drink – Apple Cider Vinegar

I will transition to Paleo (again) once I have finished all my gluten-free oats!

Passion – what is mine?

You might wanna watch the video here first, to get some context.


Biggest takeaway from listening to this TED talk.

Adrian was telling me how he liked Kuik Shiao-Yin’s speeches, because she is just such a natural. So I decided to listen to the above TED talk by her 2 nights ago, since I am planning to write on a more frequent basis and I frankly do not know if food reviews is the way to go.

Towards the end, she went,

Yes, follow your passions, because they matter more than you think. But don’t just stop there – master them, mature them, expand them so that they don’t just become passions, but compassions. And then and only then, can you forge them into opportunities.

That makes a lot of sense, and I believe we all agree with her. The million-dollar question is – what is my passion? What makes me come alive, what holds a big big part of me?

It’s stupid, but I really can’t be very sure what my passion is. I asked my tween what makes her come alive – she says “playing iPad and watching YouTube videos”. Sure everyone likes chill time and the best thing in the whole wide world is probably just lazing around all the time without having to worry about money!

Too bad, one can’t play iPad and watch YouTube videos their whole life and get paid for it..

Well, unless you marry a billionaire……

So, back to the same question – what makes me come alive? Ok, maybe I can list a few things which I think makes me feel alive, enthusiastic, excited etc.

  • Knowing that friends feel blessed with me around them – recently I started a few daily devotion whatsapp group chats with my church friends and I would send them my daily devotion bible passage, devotion passage and also my personal learning point. It gives me great joy to know that sometimes the devotions would encourage them too. Other than that, I also feel great contentment when my co-workers and friends enjoy being with me.
  • Singing – be it in worship or karaoke. Being able to convey the message in a song, being able to feel the song and sing it out nicely means a lot to me.
  • My Christian faith  – because God is the only truth in this temporary world we live in. Since high school when I joined church, my ambition was to become a full-time church staff. In the past, I envied the full time staff so much – they could just serve God all day long, officially, unofficially, every single moment! Of course over the years, I learnt that some of us have to be in the marketplace to connect with people who need Jesus – and honestly if you ask me, it’s harder to be in the marketplace because it’s easy to get tempted with other schools of thought and one may end up just become more like the world (which I am still struggling to grapple with!).

If I was asked what I can do in church – I will say I can do anything and everything, because I feel that everything I do will benefit God’s work. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to do administrative work for God, and not for some private company where purpose is to make money for the bosses? Isn’t it wonderful to be able to pray for colleagues in a church office, to strengthen one another with the bible in our hands?

Ok, it’s getting late and I really would like to give it some more thought BUT I NEED TO WORK TOMORROW. I’ll be back soon!!

But at least I know, FOOD is not on the list..

National Day Love with “Nasi Lemak” Burger!

Just barely 2 hours after eating dinner, Adrian i.e. the mister suddenly whatsapped me.




We hardly have time to talk about anything to be honest – we are either busy at work, busy at home, or talking about the kids. So during times like these, we have time to talk about the man who made his wife go through 4 abortions (which eventually killed her) and also this Nasi Lemak Burger that everyone in Singapore has been trying and sharing on social media!


I like every single thing in the picture! I especially LOVE BANDUNG. Their Bandung Fizz was sweet at first taste, but after that I suddenly felt very thirsty and I drank A LOT of it =.= what magic is that!


And McDees Fries are the best fries in the whole wide world. And with their garlic chilli sauce – they are UNDEFEATABLE!


After unwrapping the Nasi Lemak Burger, Adrian was all ready to tuck in. (Burger unwrapping video can be found here!). He had his dinner much earlier than me, so he had all that space to eat again.


Man, the burger was big!! Filled with a big fat chicken thigh patty, my mouth was (nearly) too small to take a bite of that burger! And the sauce was spicy enough for me (some friends commented that it wasn’t spicy enough *shudders*).

Everything tasted fresh and SEDAP. The cucumbers were especially huge and juicy!


Those of you who like Nata De Coco, PLEASE try their Coconut Pie – the filling was gooey and super rich. Coupled with their always-fantastic pie crust exterior, it was a very very satisfying dessert.

I have also tried this:


This is a mix of  mix of Gula Melaka and vanilla soft-serve according to their official description, but both Adrian and I thought that it tasted like coconut ice-cream. Oh well, all are nice lar hehehe. Now, I need to try their Chendol Melaka Cone!!!


Lau Pa Sat – Boon Tat Street BBQ Seafood & BEST Satay

We had wanted to go to Satay by the Bay because the mister hasn’t been there before but once I got on the car (he came to pick me up from a gathering) and googled “Satay by the Bay”, a horrifying discovery came to my two big big eyes.

“Food stalls open from 11am to 10pm daily”

It was nearly 10pm when he came to pick me…

SO! We went to the other place that serves lots of satay – Lau Pa Sat hahaha..

We managed to find a parking lot right at the side of Lau Pa Sat (yay) and got cosied up at a round table. It was slightly disturbing to have so many hawkers come to us and try to promote their satay BUT i guess that’s the way to survive.. mister ordered a satay set (he believes ALL ARE THE SAME) and we also ordered some seafood from the below stall where we were sitting at.. yup he hasn’t had dinner.


the mister was craving for cockles but the first thing the waitress said to my husband’s cockle request was “no more cockles, everything else have”.

I could see the sian-ness in his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, forehead.

Shrugs – we ordered stingray, sambal kangkong and lala.


The satay came – apparently we misread the menu. We thought we ordered 10 sticks. It was 20… oh my.

If I remember correctly, this satay stall was called Best Satay. I remember seeing the big big word “Best” on the menu!


And here comes the sting ray and lala. Not sure if they have toned down the spiciness to cater to tourist crowd, all their 3 dishes were just mildly spicy – which I was actually okay with. I liked the sting ray best – the chilli was very fragrant and fish was also flavoured nicely. Just to place it in perspective on the standard of their food – it wasn’t great, the sambal kangkong especially was not tasty in my opinion. I would go Chomp Chomp any day for BBQ seafood – Seth Lui has a blog post on them!

Pricing wise – I think the satay was really reasonably-priced – $15 for 20 sticks plus 1 rice. The BBQ seafood was $36 in total – I guess that’s quite the norm? But I find their food so-so, hence I think it’s pricey :-X

By the time we are done, it was nearly 11 – alamak, fat die me…

Ramen Bar Suzuki

From the limited ramen meals I have had (due to my gluten intolerance), this is probably the best I’ve ever eaten. 

We managed to arrive at the restaurant at 130pm so I tried their late lunch special Dipped Ramen – this was how it looked. Very very appealing!

The broth was super prawny, so prawny that my colleague could literally smell it and comment “wah the prawn smell very strong”. The thick prawn broth came with 2 huge long slices of cha shu, 2 big grilled prawns, plenty of bean sprouts and cabbage. And topped up with lots of spring onion. 

There was this deep fried minced garlic condiment bottle – so the garlic maniac in me managed to sprinkle a thick layer of garlic all over my noodles (cooked al dente as instructed). 

And there was a bottle of chilli oil too – I also poured a bit over my noodles 😝

And the final taste – heavenly. Seriously, I’ve never tasted such good ramen before. Everything was fresh, and cooked to perfection. Even the cha shu was super good – very flavorful and tasty. 

Well, I’m not very experienced with ramen, so I was totally wowed  by this. For $12.90, it’s really quite worth it. 

Yes I mentioned I was gluten intolerant right. After lunch my face puffed up a little, probably my tummy too. But people generally don’t notice it. But I can feel the puffing up, especially my eyelids coz the skin there is thin hence more obvious. Thankfully my throat didn’t get itchy – their noodles were probably freshly made that’s why!

Verdict – will go again, after Ben’s wedding though. Can’t afford to puff up again.

Lim & Lim Services – Boutique Limousine Service & Personal Concierge Singapore

Everyone is getting busy nowadays.

Especially in Singapore, the city that never stops working. People are now, slowly but surely, resorting to more convenient ways to get around (think Grab/ Uber) and get their stuff (think Red Mart). Simply because there are more important things to be done – be it rushing work deadlines, spending time with family and friends, or sometimes, just some time alone to recharge.

It makes sense though, to ‘outsource’ such time-consuming activities. Hence I am recommending this boutique set-up that offers personalized limousine service and personal concierge.

Lim & Lim Services helps to alleviate one’s busy schedule by helping with the following:

  • pick up your child to and from school
  • bring your loved one for a doctor’s visit
  • send your family to the airport for a well-deserved holiday
  • bring your relatives around when they stop by Singapore for a break
  • collect your luxury bag that you sent for repair
  • buys grocery and toiletries for you, and deliver them to your door step
  • plans a private birthday dinner for your spouse
  • many other errands, and it’s impossible to state all here 🙂

The unique thing about Lim & Lim Services is, they are trustworthy and they know Singapore. Run by locals, Lim & Lim Services ensures that your loved ones are safe, your goods are delivered with care, and your errands are run with efficiency.

And that’s why their logo is as follows:


vos serviteurs dévoués ~ your devoted servants

Here is their price chart for your easy reference:


Feel free to call 97877855 or email limnlimsg@gmail.com to find out more. Or, you can just check out their Facebook Page!